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What Will I Do With My Money? [order]

• Forget about budgets and tax avoidance strategies
• Forget about mutual funds and hot stocks
• Forget about retirement planning and debt reduction
• In fact... forget everything you've ever learned about money

According to investment advisor Ray Linder, money isn't what we really want — deep down — desire. Instead, we crave the emotional and psychological satisfaction that comes when we recognize our unique temperament and how that affects our wants, needs, and money decisions.

He says that true wealth is not defined by the extent of our spending or the immensity of our savings.  Instead, it begins when we identify our needs and adapt our financial patterns to meet them.

If you had ever asked yourself the defining question, What will I do with my money? you'd never have looked into this book.  Read on, then, and allow Ray Linder to help you answer the question: What are my needs, and how can the money I own help me fulfill those needs?

Packed with self-assessment quizzes - 12 of them - this liberating book will not only show you how to determine your financial personality, but will offer practical, good-sense advice on maximizing your personal wealth in ways that are consistent with your heart's deepest yearnings. Americans spend 50 percent of their waking hours thinking about money.  Don't you think it's time to recognize your financial personality and to settle in your own mind how you will use this considerable commodity?

Financial Freedom:
Seven Secrets to Reduce Financial Worry [order]

"If only I had a little more money!"

It's been said that the average American spends half his waking hours thinking about money. And those thoughts often lead to stress inducing questions:  Will I ever get ahead financially? Am I always going to be a step behind my bills? Is it even possible to be financially free?  

Most financial experts and investment gurus say it's easy to overcome worries about money - make more of it! The message is clear: You'll be free of financial stress when you earn enough to bankroll a comfortable lifestyle, secure your future, pad your portfolio, and ensure a leisurely retirement.

That philosophy, says author Ray Linder, is precisely why so many people remain mired in money worries. True freedom, he says, has nothing to do with the amount of your finances. Financial peace of mind has far more to do with your perspective than your portfolio.

Exploring biblical principles of stewardship, the author provides practical, easy-to-understand strategies for applying those guidelines to your life. Filled with sound financial advice and insightful spiritual guidelines, Financial Freedom: Seven Secrets to Reduce Financial Worry will equip you to make money-management choices that will benefit you and others for years to come.

Discover how you can adjust your attitude, your lifestyle, and your spending to free yourself from money headaches forever.