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Type and Better Teamwork

Type and Better Leadership
  Eight Reasons Why the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator©
Can Help You Be a Better Leader
  1. It will tell why some people think and act differently than you.

  2. It will reveal the natural strengths each person has to offer you.

  3. It will give you tools for strengthening your communication with others.

  4. It will help you understand people who may keep their best side hidden.

  5. It will reveal what types of information you and other people present first and pay the most attention to.

  6. It will reveal what types of work projects and environments each person thrives in.

  7. It will reveal how people respond to conflict.

  8. It will reveal what role people prefer to play as part of a team.

According to Roger Pearman, Ed.D., President of Leadership Performance Systems, in Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness (1999, Center for Application of Psychological Type):

Executive success and failure are primarily tied to:
    • developing constructive relationships among members of a team or organization;
    • appropriate communications between leader and team members;
    • and a demonstrated valuing of human differences.

Creativity is promoted
when individuals feel included and integral to the future of the organization.

Relationships grow when understanding between individuals is established and when communicating effectively is a priority among members of the organization