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Type and Better Teamwork

Type and Better Leadership
  17 Ways You Can Use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator©
to Create Better Teamwork
  1. It will tell you why some people think and act differently.

  2. You can identify areas of strength and possible blind spots of the team.

  3. When team members understand their styles and the styles of others, they are likely to be more effective working together.

  4. It will reveal what types of information each team member presents first and pays the most attention to.

  5. It will reveal how people respond to conflict and provide a framework in which team members can identify and reduce sources of conflict.

  6. It will help you understand team members’ differing approaches to creativity, decision making and problem solving.

  7. It will reveal what role people prefer to play as part of a team.

  8. It will reveal the cultural norms of the team.

  9. It can provide team members with awareness of what irritates them and how they irritate others.

  10. It can assure that the positive contributions of each team member are recognized rather than devalued.

  11. It will reveal differences among team members in their styles of time and project management.

  12. You will have a tool for strengthening communication among team members.

  13. It can help team members understand and adapt to differences in management and leadership style.

  14. It will reveal what types of work projects and environments each person thrives in.

  15. You will better understand team members who may keep their best side hidden.

  16. It will reveal differences among team members in terms of what they value and what they consider “ideal”.

  17. It can provide team members with awareness of what they find motivating and rewarding.