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  The Strength Deployment Inventory® -
How To Build More Productive Relationships

The Strength Deployment Inventory® (SDI) is a powerful tool used around the world to provide individuals with an insightful awareness of what personal strengths they have and how they use them in relating to others.

Any successful organization or team understands that its success depends upon the quality and effectiveness of the working relationships between its people. The SDI gives teams a picture of how everyone on the team is motivated and what they value - both when things are going well and during conflict or opposition. Teams can use this information to improve communication, allocate tasks, and work more productively together. As a result of the SDI, teams often report a greater sense of understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of each other.

A unique aspect of the SDI is its approach to minimizing and managing conflict. It does so by identifying what may trigger conflict in any relationship and how each party may effectively respond to eliminate it before it escalates.

The SDI has also has been used successfully for decades in supporting team building, leadership development, sales and customer relations training, organizational change efforts, career development, 360-degree feedback, counseling, mediation and project management.

What makes the Strength Deployment Inventory® a very effective tool for building relationships?
    • Remarkable insights
    • Quick and memorable results
    • Proven to be a valid and reliable instrument
    • Easy to administer
    • Non-normative
    • Non-judgmental
    • Compares motivation both when things are going well and when they are not going well
    • Common sense approach to complex issues

The SDI can be administered in a half-day, full day or two day format. All formats lend themselves to productive follow-on work that will reinforce and extend the application of this tool. The SDI also integrates well with other team-building tools and models.